Merges and Acquisitions

Prefinex is a leading firm in M&A advisory services for small, middle size and large companies. We have always developed creative ideas and solutions that add value by identifying business opportunities and implementing transactions, from the first steps to the execution of the final agreement. We have extensive experience representing buy-side and sell-side clients for strategic acquisitions and asset sales and similarly for financial investors.

On behalf of the Buyer

A successful acquisition calls for a careful analysis of the company´s strategy, full understanding of the potential synergy between the target company and the buyer, creativity in structuring the transaction, financial engineering and the right offer strategy.

In the course of an acquisition process, Prefinex works with the company´s management and the Board of Directors, providing the following services: finding and contacting target companies, valuation, synergy analysis, offer strategy, search for financing, transaction structuring, financial engineering, negotiation, due diligence, and negotiation of the final agreement.

On behalf of the Seller

A successful sale process calls for a fundamental understanding of the client´s goals, timing, marketing and negotiation strategy.

We have vast experience in these areas, with an excellent track record of maximizing shareholders value. As coordinator of a multidisciplinary team in the sale process, Prefinex provides the following services: finding potential buyers, valuation, drafting the information memorandum, marketing strategy, transaction structuring, financial engineering, negotiation, due diligence and negotiation of the final agreement.


Prefinex has a vast experience in corporate valuation, and has been involved in over a hundred transactions of this type since it was created. Valuation is a key service provided by Prefinex in the course of any advisory work; our services are often retained by the Board of Directors or groups of shareholders specifically for the purpose of assessing a company´s value.

When carrying out valuations, Prefinex uses discounted cash flow methodology and the analysis of comparable transactions, supplemented by market research and analysis of comparable public companies.

"This is a very rigorous kind of work that demands in-depth knowledge of a company and the market in which it operates, as well as a mastery of several valuation techniques. Prefinex has a vast experience in this regard".
Martín Azcárate

Prefinex provides independent analysis for specific cases utilizing accepted valuation methodology to produce well reasoned, supportable valuation and financial consulting services.

Financial Debt Restructuring

Argentina´s economy has always been characterized by its high volatility. Recessions, as well as restricted access to financing, have negatively affected the economic and financial condition of a number of companies.

In this context, Prefinex has provided advisory services to a number of clients in the process of restructuring their financial debts, by forecasting their working capital needs and estimating the companie´s realistic ability to repay their obligations over the short, medium and long term.

Prefinex assumes a leading role in negotiations with financial creditors. We have provided advisory services in a number of major restructuring processes, and we became the "voice" of the companies represented by us

Joint Ventures

A joint venture is an agreement whereby two or more parties make contributions of different kinds with a view to a common business, which does not involve a loss of their identity or individuality as legal persons.

From the creation of goods to the provision of services, the agreement will be in force for a limited period of time, for the purpose of deriving an economic benefit. The parties will contribute different resources: raw materials, capital, technology, their knowledge of the market, sales and distribution channels, staff, financing or products.

As a rule, joint ventures continue to conduct their own separate businesses in addition to the new common enterprise or joint venture. This is one of the main reasons why this type of agreement has been preferred to mergers or acquisitions over the last few years.

Prefinex has provided advice in connection with a number of joint venture agreements with highly successful results.

Direct Investments

Buyout Opportunities

Prefinex constantly introduces to interested investors business opportunities in companies with high growth potential, with under-valued assets, or under-used assets. The constant contact allows a fast decision-making process and a precise timing for taking advantage of the business opportunities.

Prefinex focuses on maximizing investor´s return through a restructuring process that enables the company to rectify any detect corporative flaw, and take full advantage of its potential growth, in order to capture it at the exit time, usually among 3 to 5 years.

Prefinex assembles interested parties into an investment group and leads the acquisition process (valuation, negotiation, initial offer, due diligence, final terms of the contracts). Subsequently, Prefinex monitors the progress of the company and keeps the investor updated with monthly and semiannual reports.

This way of investing provides flexibility and quick decision making, allowing investors to take advantage of business opportunities and to have the guarantee of close tracking of the company by Prefinex. The investment group is thus ready to recognize sale opportunities or other strategic alternatives.

Cross Border

In line with global trends, Argentina has witnessed a considerable increase in the number of business transactions between domestic companies and other countries, and vice versa. Foreign companies looking for growth opportunities started to acquire local companies, while Argentine companies started to explore other markets.

Over the last few years we have acted as financial advisors to both buyers and sellers in transactions involving Argentine and foreign com panies in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, England, Portugal, Switzerland, France and the United States.

"That was a very important step for our company. It enabled us to learn from experience in other countries to understand the most sophisticated working methods and obtain inspiration from them in order to be able to provide better services".
Martín Azcárate

Capital Raising

Our services also comprehend structuring and executing customized financing solutions for companies, either through private investors (capital investments, debt issuance) or the capital markets.

The spectrum of tasks comprises:

  • Advisory through every step of public and private debt issues and share offerings, and guidance throughout the execution process
  • Identification of possible capital structure strategies and solutions
  • Evaluation of optimal capitalization and incremental capital sources
  • Preparation of investment material
  • Communication with investors throughout the world

Special Situations

Not all investments require long term horizons such as equity capital.

Our firm has the capacity to seek specialized pools of capital based on the requirements of the transaction. This may include private equity funds, family offices, hedge funds and sector-specific funds based in Latin America, Europe and North America.

The cornerstone of the Special Situations strategy is its flexibility to invest across the different levels of the capital structure, whether by purchasing secondary market debt (distress-for-control) or making direct equity investments in distressed businesses or those requiring growth capital.

It is noteworthy that the strategy does not require a distressed macro environment to invest successfully, relying instead on “situational” distress that can be uncovered in any industry, sector or individual company at any point in the economic cycle.

"In the past, Prefinex’s ability to capture these unique opportunities has created significant value to shareholders. Today, with the expansion of our business in Central America, our deal flow of special situations as increased even more".
Martín Azcárate