Who We Are


Prefinex is a leading financial advisory firm that specializes in investment banking advisory services, such as corporate valuation, fairness opinions, Mergers and Acquisitions, financial debt restructuring, joint ventures structuring and fundraising, with over 30 years presence in the market. From the very beginning in 1985, we have served our clients on the basis of unchanging values that are now synonymous with our way of working.

Trust, ethics, discretion, honesty, vision, are not just words that define our approach. They are how Prefinex thinks and finds the best possible solution for each client.

Since its inception, Prefinex has provided services in connection with a number of transactions with companies from different industries and sectors of the economy.

Argentina has experienced a number of economic and social crises over the last decades. The macroeconomic context presented rapid changes, from severe recessions to economic expansions, followed by new recessions. Prefinex has played a crucial role for companies in the face of these environments, thanks to our ability to act rapidly, and to our creativity, dynamism, accurate responses and sense of timing.

Prefinex provides highly customized services.

& Dynamism

Companies from a wide range of industries have requested Prefinex´s financial advice. We have worked with companies from Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, England, Portugal, Switzerland, France and the United States, in areas of business as diverse as:

  • Foods
  • Cotton
  • Auto parts
  • Building
  • Cement
  • Pharmaceutical product distribution
  • Rail Industry
  • Forestal
  • Meat packing
  • Fruit production
  • Investment funds
  • Real estate
  • Dairy products
  • Laboratories
  • Milling
  • Oleaginous corps
  • Paper industry
  • Fisheries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Insurance
  • Shopping malls
  • Steel & Iron
  • Supermarkets
  • Textiles
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Tourism

Martín G. Azcárate


Mr. Azcárate is the Founder of Prefinex S.A. He has over 30 years of experience in consulting, in Mergers and Acquisitions, as his main focus, adding value to the stake holders in companies through his strategic view. He has participated in more than 100 transactions in a wide variety of industries and sectors including: automotive, food processing, construction, cement, forestry, meat packing plants, fruits, real estate, dairy products, paper, fishing, iron and steel, welding, oil & gas, textile, freight, logistics, edible oil and by-products, among others.

Martín also teaches finance in the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina ("UCA"). He holds the "Finance I" and "Finance II" Chairs of Economics. He has been a professor at this institution for over 30 years.

Mr Azcárate is a renowned and respected member of the Argentinean business community. The scope and quality of the business network he has forged throughout his career has become one of Prefinex´s biggest assets.

“Continuous training is a commitment for all of us at Prefinex. That is why our professionals have graduated from the best universities in Argentina and abroad. We are a solid team where each player complements the other, and work together to provide specialized customized services. Our team has a lot of experience in structuring and implementing a variety of transactions, both local and international, including acquisitions, sales, mergers, joint ventures, financial debt restructuring and shareholder´s relations”.